Teaching players to protect the paint

You can’t let teams get into the paint, get offensive rebounds and second shots.  These are basic principles of the game.  But knowing this and reinforcing it with your players so that they ultimately do not give up easy baskets are two different things. 

So here is what you can do:  Change the point structure. 

Next practice: 

  1. Every basket scored on a 3 pointer is worth 1 point.
  2. Every basket scored inside the 3 point line but outside the paint is worth 2
  3. Every basket scored inside the paint is worth 3
  4. Every offensive rebound is worth 3 points regardless of whether or not someone scores 

Changing the point structure will create many chances for both offensive and defensive players to be rewarded for behaviors that you want to reinforce. 

If players want to win, they will do everything that they can to protect the paint, force outside shots, and not give up second shots. Furthermore, offensive players will be looking to get the ball inside penetrate the paint, look for open teammates to get the rim and not take ill-advised perimeter shots. 

And you can believe one thing: everyone will be rebounding!    

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