SDC Scholarship CAMPS 3-Hour Advanced Scoring Camps

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Inside out crossover back between the legs


The problem with the fundamentals is…YOU CAN’T SKIP OVER THEM.

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advanced scoring skills and finishing moves


Not an easy one. It is one of the advanced scoring skills and finishing moves that you can use. Here is what this looks like. It starts out just like you would do a...

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How to use the high step shot fake spin through

High Step Shot Fake to Spin Through’s 

This is a serious killer move. And it works pretty much every single time. 

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How the reverse jumpstop improves your midrange scoring ability


The great thing about the reverse jump stop is that it is just an extension of the 1 dribble inside pivot shooting skills. learning this skill shows you how the...

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Advanced scorers use the pull back series to create space


This skill looks harder than it really is. It is actually a progression from the sweep and go dribble from shooting series number 1. Remember, the sweep and go -- where we...

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How to learn the euro step the right way


Too many players think that a Euro step is just slight movement from one direction to the other. That’s not how to learn the Euro Step the right way. You need to move as...

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Using spin through's to split defenders and get your shot


The ability to take you defender one way with a crossover step and dribble and then spin through allows you to counteract their momentum and get a wide open jumpshot....

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Scoring with the same foot and the same hand on the same side of the basket


Back to what we always refer to when finishing. You really want to be able to finish off of either foot with either hand on either side of the basket . The best...

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How to become a playmaker

Basketball is the most beautiful game. Athleticism, skill, and decision making are just a few of the many attributes to the game that make it so alluring. Another aspect of the game of basketball...

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