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The game has evolved.

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SDC Scholarship CAMPS 3-Hour Advanced Scoring Camps

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SDC Scholarship CAMPS 3-Hour Breakdown Moves Camps

Breakdown Moves is the stage of development where kids have enough to work with skill wise that they can now "break down" defenders in transition and get to the basket, split defenders to...

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SDC Scholarship CAMPS (3-Hour Fundamentals Camps)

There is no better value or model on the market for youth development and basketball player development camps than SDC Scholarship Camps

There are the 6 different types of 3-Hour SDC...

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How you win basketball games at tournament time

So it's tournament season for basketball. 

(High school state tournaments, youth kids tournaments, NCAA tournaments): 

So here is the question:  
What are the FOUR biggest factors to...
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How SDC Scholarship Camps works to help coaches, kids, and parents

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  

Every scholarship camp is worth $1,000 to every kid guaranteed off tuition.

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The Most Forgotten Position in All of Basketball

You want to know something… 

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The Basketball Fundamentals Are Not For Beginners

Way too often,... the “Fundamentals” are thought of as... for beginners! 

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New Basketball Training APP

If you have aspirations of scoring 30 points per game. I f you have ever dreamed of blowing by defenders. If  you want to become more of an offensive threat. If you want to just play the game at...
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Basketball Training

It just doesn't make a lot of sense to play a lot of games without knowing how to improve at the game.
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