Why most players miss the baseline reverse

Why most players miss the baseline reverse. 

Reverses are really important. You have to be able to make them. There are really 3 things that players do wrong that screw up on reverses: 

  1. They jump off the wrong foot
  2. They jump in the wrong spot.
  3. They spin the ball the wrong way. 

You can avoid these common problems by just practicing running with the ball (without dribbling) in order to make sure that you jump off the correct foot (your baseline foot). Don’t skip over this...  Everyone thinks it’s easy.  Then players get their feet messed up because they haven’t mastered the footwork without the dribble.    

When you jump off of your baseline foot, you want to make sure that you jump directly out in front of the rim.   


 Not underneath it. Not before it. Just out in front of the rim.

You want to jump out in front of the rim because if you jump  too far before the rim, you could get stuck under the rim or too close to the backboard. And nobody wants that! 

Finally, make sure that the ball spins back to the rim, . This is so important. Too many players do all the right things on a baseline reverse,... only to spin the ball the wrong way!  

You need to make sure that every time -- you spin the ball back toward the rim.

You will far more using the correct spin this way.   

Now, that you know how to complete the baseline reverse move and score, you just need the practice repetitions. See if you can make 100 today. That would be impressive.

That would mean that you would be closer to mastering the baseline reverse on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills!

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The more skills you master, the more fun the game becomes. And the more you become a playmaker.

You know what we say at SDC.  

Master The Table... Master The Game!  

And the rest comes easy.

Learn the moves!

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