2 ball inside outs


Inside outs are the set up move that you are going to need to use in a variety of situations: 

Here are 2 very common times in basketball when you will need to use an inside out dribble in order to set up your defender: 

1)   Especially between three point line to three point line -- when you are met with a defender in transition.

2) When a rotating defender steps up in the paint. 

The inside out is the set up move that you are going to need to use before you determine what move to use next based on the defenders reaction. 

  • INSIDE OUT… go by!
    • INSIDE OUT… crossover!
    • INSIDE OUT… crossover… back between the legs!
  • INSIDE OUT… between the legs!
  • INSIDE OUT… behind the back! 

It’s all inside the Periodic Table of Basketball Skills!    

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 3.04.13 PM

The techniques for 2 ball inside outs and every other skill on SDC are very technically specific and very clear for players.

Remember what we always say at SDC... 

Master the Table... Master the Game ! 

And the rest comes easy.

Learn the moves!

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