How basketball players can improve their weak hand

Most players are 30-40% weaker with one hand than the other. Some as much as 50% weaker.  It’s going to be tough to be a great basketball player if you are not as good at dribbling with one hand as you are with the other. 

Speeds and Pounds help you develop coordination, control, rhythm and SPEED with the basketball on EITHER HAND

You should time yourself for a minute every day!

10 seconds speeds,... 10 seconds pounds! 

You will see an immense improvement in your skill and confidence with both hands immediately -- literally within a few DAYS

Can you master this skill on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills?      

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 2.58.23 PM

Remember what we always say at SDC... 

Master the Table... Master the Game!

And the rest comes easy.

 Take the next step to becoming a better playmaker.  

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 Learn the moves!


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