How to dribble between the legs


There are FOUR major ways of changing direction with the basketball...

  1. Crossovers
  2. Between the legs
  3. Spin moves 
  4. Behind the Back 
When it comes to how to change of direction between the legs, there are 3 specific techniques that you need to learn.

Start with Phase 1, of course... because no matter how hard you try... 

You can’t get fast with the dribble in phase 2, or master the mini-inside out in phase 3…. unless you FIRST master the footwork in phase 1! 

Can you master the between the legs skill on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills? 

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 4.09.58 PM

Start on your path to becoming a better playmaker.

  Remember what we say at SDC...

Master the Table... Master the Game! 

And the rest comes easy.

Learn How to Become a Playmaker


 Learn the moves! 


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