how to use the step through to score in basketball

This is a great one.

In fact, you might want to use this one quite a bit. 

Because it will pretty much get em every time! This move is great to get the defender guessing what you are doing, and falling for your shot fakes. You want to dribble across the lane toward the edge of the backboard, then turn your back directly to the rim.  Keep your trail foot as your pivot, (make sure that you do not drag your pivot foot when you come to stop on the dribble). 

Then, give a great shot fake over your head when you turn around. Finally, step through with your NON-pivot foot and finish!   

There are 6 “basic” finishes on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills that you really need to master.  The RONDO TO STEP THROUGH is one of those 6 finishes, so make sure that you master this one. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 3.11.06 PM

Remember what we say at SDC...

Master the Table... Master The Game!

And the rest comes easy.

Take the steps to becoming a better playmaker.   


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