Advanced scorers use the pull back series to create space


This skill looks harder than it really is.  It is actually a progression from the sweep and go dribble from shooting series number 1. Remember,  the sweep and go -- where we sweep the ball below knee high, with the ball hitting the floor just slightly after our foot touches the ground. Make sure not to let the ball bounce before you step or at the same time that you step. 

Your rhythm will be thrown off if unless you dribble just slightly after the foot hits the floor. 

That is the first part. The next part is… (and this is where a lot of players screw up,  ... you want to make sure NOT to move or drag your back foot,... this will allow you to leverage your back foot and create the space that you need away from the defender. 

The final step is that you have to pull that ball back around your front leg to your opposite hip. Then PUSH BACK off the leg that you didn’t move.


It’s a lot to put together. But it really just takes a step by step approach.

It’s all one progression that you can master step by step right on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills.   

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 1.12.53 PM

And when you master this skill …. LOOK OUT! 

This is a serious move to create space with several different counters.   Make sure to master all of the little details - because when you do -- it will all flow smoothly together!     

You know by now what we always say at SDC...  

Master The Table… Master The Game ! 

And the rest comes easy.

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