basketball moves to avoid getting blocked


This is a great skill to help you from getting blocked. It’s not a skill that comes easy to a lot of players, but learning new basketball moves to avoid getting blocked are important skills to master. You want to be able to score off of either foot off of either hand on either side of the basket.


One of the “tricks” is to just drive like you are going to the opposite edge of the backboard, then turn your shoulder to the rim. 

The reason that you use this skill is to edge out the defender and keep them on the opposite shoulder. This helps you protect the ball and gives you the most space possible in order to keep them from blocking you.  This is an advanced skill,  because it requires you to have control of the ball, and control of your body, and score with the hand that is opposite of what side the defender is on on the opposite side of the basket. That's a lot of opposites!

Can you master this skill on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills?

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