Best Basketball Drills

 There a million basketball drills. But there are only about 200 or so meaningful basketball skills. 

  The first step to determining the best basketball drills to use in your practice is to know your audience. 

  • What are the individual skills?...
  • What are the team skills? 

It's important that every drill assist in the development of the skill. 

Back in 2015, The Hawks revealed one of their secrets to team success: Nurture the Individual. You want to incorporate as much to nurture individual skills and nurture the team's development into every basketball practice. 

For instance, "The 11 Man Break" is perfect for middle school to high school players: 


If you ask a middle school or high school player, they all want to run 11 Man Break.    

However, if your goal is to become a college coach or NBA coach, your practice drills will often be more focused on reinforcing rotations and coverages on defense, and practicing off-ball rotations within half court possession on offense. These are far more complex skills and reads than simply running lanes and finishing 3-on-2 in transition.  "The best basketball drills" will be different for players at various stages of the game because the nature of the game is different at each level. 

 There is no ONE basketball drill that is the world's greatest basketball drill. 

There is, however,  The Zone of Proximal Development. 


SDC - Zone Of Proximal Development with Logo

This leads us back to our initial questions: 

  • What are the individual skills?...
    • (what do your players need to have)
  • What are the team skills?
    • (if we could do ______ better... how would that improve our team performance? 

The more you can identify the objectives that you want your team to be able to accomplish, the easier it will be to determine the best basketball drills for your team practice. 

SDC has the most comprehensive, position specific, game specific, and team specific basketball drills to help you accomplish your team and individual objectives. 

It's important that every drill assist in the development of the skill. 



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