Coaching Basketball Player Development

Coaching basketball is awesome.

Improving players' throughout the season is even more awesome.  

It's easy to get caught in the coaching trap of:

"Go, go, go..." 

and... "Grind, grind, grind..."

Instead of... 

"Slow, slow, slow..."  Take your time, time, time... 

Basketball is best played with a rhythm flow to the game.  The game is beautifully played when the players on the team are coordinated and know how to move separately and together with confidence and react under control.

{It's vital that players learn the mechanics of how to play the game of basketball because technical player development adjustments help players become more successful in games)

This leads us back to our player development zone. 

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Due to the fact that each players' skills, strengths and weaknesses are at various stages of development, it is advisable that you have a plan for each of your players. 

It is obvious that winning basketball programs dedicate a lot of time for player development in and out of season.  However, coaching basketball player development and managing each individual's skill development is where the challenge lies -- especially throughout the regular season. 

In fact, most every NBA Franchise sees player development as the key ingredient to their future success

Obviously all players need reps and feedback. 

The biggest challenge for coaches is not just finding the time throughout the regular season, but literally having a player development plan in place for each player as they progress throughout the season. (After all, different players need different skills to work on at different times throughout the year). 

It's hard to know where they are all at and to keep track of those skills and have a sequence and system that is organized, categorized, color coded, customized. 

Having a player development system that is embedded within the framework of the season allows you to create different assignments based on what each player has accomplished.  


  We have seen coaches leave the player development up to the players (It's too important of a factor to hope for the best).  "Bigs," "Guards," and "Wings" should have adequate time to work on different offensive skills.  Whether their skill work for the day be position specific, or skill specific -- players need the time. And they are going to need help. 

Most every single in-season practice. you want to differentiate and sub-group your players based on their specific position or what specific skills your players need to work on.  

But what kind of reps? 

 Coaching basketball player development is challenging, but don't forget to make it competitive, challenging, engaging and fun for players. 

If you you would like to learn more about how to becoming a basketball coach or would like some specific strategies when it comes to coaching basketball player development, we have you covered.



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