How do you use the spin move?


Spin moves are the best moves to change of direction when beating the rotating defender on the baseline OR when splitting the defenders in the paint.

But how do you use the spin move?

 (see for yourself on the periodic table of basketball skills)

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You want to actually jump up in the air, and land with both feet and the ball at the same time. (Make sure that you are not turning in mid-air or you will give away the fact that you are spinning… you don’t want the defense to know, remember!) 

You also rarely ever want to put the ball back down to the floor again after your spin move. The reason that you generally do not dribble after the spin move is because when you spin, you really can’t see the defense. And one of the defenders might be trying to sneak in and steal the ball. 

Around the paint, and on the baseline, the spin move is the most effective move to split the defense and score. 

Take it a step at a time. Master the spin the ball technique when you land on two feet and dribble at the same time. Do that 10x with just the footwork and the dribble before you try to make the spin. 

Once you get that down, work on keeping your hips low because it will help you improve the speed of your spin.  

Master this move on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills and you will find a lot of opportunities to use it to score from different angles. Especially when you are  heading toward the baseline and when you are met with rotating defenders in the paint. 

Can you master the spin move on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills? 

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