How to become an inside pivot player


Most players don’t even know what “INSIDE PIVOT” means.  You will know what it means. And how to use it! Because an inside pivot player is the only way to be!

Your inside pivot just means that you “square up” to the basket using the the foot that is CLOSEST to the basket.

Try it.  Pick up your basketball right now and spin it to yourself. What foot would you step with before your caught the ball again? Your left or your right? 

Most right handed players will naturally use their left foot as their pivot foot. However, there are many times when you will catch the ball and your right foot will be closer to the basket.   

(Before we explain anything more,... think of it this way).... 

What if a soccer player was on the left side of the field and could only kick with their right foot? That would leave a lot of situations for them where they would not be very successful NOT being an inside pivot player is like being a soccer player that can only kick with one foot. When you catch the ball, no matter where you are on the court - you want to be as versatile as possible.   

There will be many times when you “square up” to the basket when the rim is on your left side. And there will be many times when you “square up” to the basket when the rim is on your right side. You never really know when. But it’s going to happen.  And you want to be more prepared for when it does happen! 

That is why you want to be an inside pivot player.

Can you master the inside pivot shooting skills on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills?   (psssss…. Those skills alone are worth 30 points per game to you!). 

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.53.58 AM

Remember what we say at SDC...

Master the Table... Master The Game!

And the rest comes easy. 

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