How To Improve Basketball Skills

It's hard to get to where you want to be if you don't know what to do. 

Learning specific techniques that all great basketball players regularly use is the fastest way for players to improve basketball skills. 

For example, you simply cannot play basketball at a high level with your feet together and your hips high.  Yet many many basketball players do not have this vital skill. 


This is called a "breakdown position.

All great athletes in all sports are very comfortable in this position.

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There are so many skills on SDC that help you get very confident and comfortable with being in this position.  

Once you have a good basketball, the next step is to become very comfortable with this athletic position! 

The combination of greater confidence with the ball and greater comfort with being in your athletic, "breakdown position" allows you to: 

  1. Better change direction with the ball.
  2. Become more versatile in the open floor.
  3. Breakdown defenders with the ball in transition. 

You should definitely see all of the amazing techniques and video content that we have for you on SDC. 

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You cannot play basketball with your feet together and your hips high, so practicing skills that force you to get more comfortable with both the basketball and with being in this athletic, breakdown position are essential. 


SDC has an entire category of "Breakdown Moves" dedicated specifically to helping players know exactly how to improve their basketball skills.  


The entire player development progression system is outlined within "SDC's Periodic Table of Basketball Skills."   

Master the Table... Master The Game! 


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Learning specific techniques that all great basketball players regularly use is the fastest way improve your basketball skills.  

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