How to learn the euro step the right way


Too many players think that a Euro step is just slight movement from one direction to the other.  That’s not how to learn the Euro Step the right way. You need to move as lateral as possible after your outside step in order to get around the defender. Otherwise, you really won’t change direction very much, or you will even you will commit a charge. Nobody wants that.

The important things to remember with this skill is to be able to plant wide and really have a deep knee bend before literally jumping as far laterally (not forward) as possible.

If you are doing this right, you will be moving your second step will be a near perfect 90 degrees from your first step. That is how you do a more effective Euro Step. 

Master this skill by: 

  1. First, just jumping from one side to the other with the ball in your hands (no dribble).  
  2. Then, start jogging with the ball slowly to master the skill while moving. Make sure to jump laterally, and not forward.  
  3. Finally, you can start to dribble.
Just know if you start to lunge forward with your Euro Step, you may not have mastered the proper footwork yet.  Really get the footwork. That’s the most important part to mastering this skill.
The breakdown is all inside The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills
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