Inside out crossover back between the legs


The problem with the fundamentals is… YOU CAN’T SKIP OVER THEM.

The great thing about knowing the fundamentals is… once you have them, the fundamentals are what make more advanced skills possible.   

This is masterful skill for your to have in your game.This may just be one of the coolest, most effective way to breakdown defenders in transition. 

You have to be in your breakdown athletic position… 

  • if you don’t have that,... fuhgettaboutit! 

You have to use choppy little steps…   

  • if you don’t have those,... fuhgettaboutit!   

You should have the inside out part down by now.

-Brett Bilcheck 2

You must keep the ball below knee high throughout the entire movement! INSIDE OUT, CROSSOVER, BACK BETWEEN THE LEGS! 

The only other little detail that you should know is that you just have to step forward with the foot that you are dribbling through the legs. 

That is the step that you need to take to explode by the defender. This is a masterful skill. And super effective. 

Can you master this skill on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills? 

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.24.21 AM

Just watch the video over and over on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills.

It will show you how to do it. And when you master it...

Master the Table... Master the Game! 

The rest comes easy.

Do you want to learn a ton of new basketball moves?

Here is where you go!

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 Learn the moves! 


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