Scoring with the same foot and the same hand on the same side of the basket


Back to what we always refer to when finishing.  You really want to be able to finish off of either foot with either hand on either side of the basket . The best part about this “goofy” foot finish is that you can use it to disguise a baseline reverse - then trick the defender by finishing with the same foot and the same hand on the same side of the basket. 

Usually, defenders will be very confused by this, and will often reach across and foul you, just in time for you to make the basket, and get an extra free throw for confusing them. 

This move is especially worth learning and executing in games. So make sure that your practice time is spent wisely on this skill, . Shield the ball with 2 hands like you are going up for a reverse layup, then extend your outside hand and sneak the ball into the basket on the same side of the hoop.  

Do you know where you can find this skill on the Periodic Table of Basketball Skills?

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.01.10 PM

Mastering this “goofy” foot finish is a great addition to the skills that you can use to beat defenders.

You’ll be beating them all day once you master this one!

Remember what we always say at SDC...

Master The Table… Master The Game ! 

And the rest comes easy.

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