When it comes to shooting, it’s not just about taking a lot of shots. It’s really about the variables. 

Here are two variables that players should be aware of: 

  1. Entry Arc (45 degrees)
  2. Ball Spin (130-160 RPM) 

As far as entry arc, we are sure that you have heard that the rim is a cylinder.  But players need to know more than that. They need to know that great shooters REGULARLY MISS LONG.  (Most shooters miss short, due to the the trajectory of their shot being too flat).

the shot

This is science. Physics. Stuff that you cannot argue with. The ball will go through the hoop more frequently with an optimal entry arc of 45 degrees. If slightly above (46-48 degrees, that is ok, too). It is better to be slightly higher than slightly lower. 

Demonstrate this concept by showing players the limitations of making flat arc shots versus optimal arc shots is worth taking the time to show them, as it will improve both shooting percentages and an understanding of where their arc needs to be at in order make more shots.    


Shooting is both an art and a science, but knowing the science contributes to the art of shooting. 

The release and ball spin rotation.

If you have a good release, you can make up for a lot of flaws along the way. The release contributes to the rhythm and smoothness of the shot, but also contributes to one factor that is of great influence on the outcome of the shot: BALL SPIN ROTATION.

The ball should spin between 130 revolutions per minute and 160 revolutions per minute. (130-160 RPM). That's about 2x per second.  Right, well, how do you judge that? And how do you improve it. Let’s get to improving it.

The ball spin rotation will come from the snap of the wrist, of course,... but the snap of the wrist and the strength comes from the forearm muscles.  So how does the player strengthen the forearm muscles?


That’s easy. (well, straightforward)...

Pick up your ball and speed dribble it against the wall for 30 seconds.  Then rest for 30 seconds and do it again for 30 seconds. Do this consecutively for 5 minutes every day for 2 weeks. Try to get faster and faster. Your forearm strength and your wrist action will improve. As a result, your ball spin rotation will improve, too!! 


Combining improvements with both entry arc and ball spin rotation will have you shooting it in with much better consistency.  


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