A better way to Learn how to play basketball

The basketball marketplace has been saturated with content - most of it, completely useless. Think about all of the times that you have searched for something.  All of the times that you have purchased something. With all of the information out there, you would think that it would be easier to find what you actually need to become a playmaker.

But it's not. It's harder to find what you really need.

What is going to help you improve today? (as in... immediately after you stop reading this)... 

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For a young basketball player, learning the skills of the game as early as possible is the best way to enjoy the game more. 

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See the top 5 basketball skills that youth basketball players should be practicing

At the most basic level, the skills of the game of basketball are passing, catching, dribbling, shooting. Each of those skills involve coordination. And the more advanced you want your skill set to be, the more technical precision you will need to have. 

Learn How to Become a Playmaker

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 For youth basketball players, passing and catching (without traveling) is more essential than nearly every other basketball skill. Body control, hand eye coordination.

Catching on 2 feet and stepping to pass may seem pretty basic, but so is being strong with the ball. And that gets overlooked so often that it is the reason that there are so many jump balls in youth basketball. 

The easiest skill of the game to learn and master is actually dribbling. 

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One of the great aspects of SDC is that it shows kids that exact techniques to improve at the fastest rate with their ball handling skills and improve their weak hand.

There is a better way to learn how to play basketball. You just have to know what to do in order to become a better basketball player. Learning what to do and learning how to do it is the missing piece that SDC steps in and helps you and your players with.   

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Learn How to Become a Playmaker

Instead of having fragments of information. No system. No routine. No technical clarity. Just more and more random content. Basketball players that want to improve their skills have the exact techniques and video programming that they can access whenever they need. 

And it is all progression based.

No more...

Maybe I should do that?... What about this?...  Should I practice that?... How do I get better?..

What am I supposed to practice?   

Having a consistent practice routine is the most effective way to making progress.  That is why deliberately practice for short durations is so effective.  Having a very clear, specific, measurable player development plan is far more valuable than all of the content in the world. 

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 Learn How to Become a Playmaker

But the other advantage to having SDC is,... We have the best content in the world, too! Everything on SDC is engaging, measurable, and clear.  Step-by-step. Week by week. You will improve incredibly from the time that you start utilizing our proprietary skill specific, position specific, and age specific player development routines. 

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Weekly player development plans give players the consistent routine that they need without overwhelming them with irrelevant, useless content.  Game specific progressions, skills challenges, skill assessments, advanced techniques are all outlined for players. And it's all accessed with the click of a button in a very cool and easy to use format.  

Skill Development Coach and Periodic table of basketball skills gives players very clear, consistent, guidelines as to how to up their game in the fastest time possible. 

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Learn How to Become a Playmaker

That is why so many basketball coaches, players, and parents get their player development plan from SKILL DEVELOPMENT COACH. 

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  Master The Table... Master The Game! 

Guaranteed to improve your basketball skills. 

Start with "Player Development Plans"  for your age or  grade or position. hallie w logo -quotes

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