The behind the back dribble move


Here is the most awesome thing about the behind the back dribble move!

The footwork for behind the back is the same as the footwork for between the legs! So, if you have mastered the change of direction between the legs, then you will be able to master behind the back much faster!   

Master the footwork. Then master the dribble. 

Just make sure to get your front hip out of the way, and instead of wrapping the ball around your back, make sure to put the ball down to the floor so it bounces behind your back in the middle of your body.  Don’t stop and wait for the ball after it hits the floor. Let the ball lead you up the floor into your next attack dribble. 

Can you master behind the back on The Periodic Table of Basketball Skills? 

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.36.00 AM

You know what we say at SDC...

Master the Table... Master the Game! 

And the rest comes easy.

Go here if you want to learn a ton of new basketball skills! 

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 Learn the moves! 


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