3 Questions Specifically For Youth and Travel Basketball Coaches

Here are three questions that any youth basketball coach should ask themselves well before the season begins: 

1) Am I going to measuring the success of my season by our win / loss record?
2) Do I want to spend practice time running plays and playing zone defense?
3) Do I want to be just another coach trying to implement a complex offense that the kids never really learn?

If you want, you can coach like that at the youth level. You won't have to go more than a typical middle school gym on any given Saturday to see that.


You can judge the success of your season by how great your players' experience is and how much your players improve. You can even have the best team practices and teach your players the real skills of the game that will have them learning how to play the game of basketball, while developing a greater love for the game than when they started with you. We can assure, though: the most important aspect to the success of your season will not be how many games you win or lose.  

Do you want to have a system for your team that makes your life easier?

Player development is what matters most. Improvements in your players’ skills will make the biggest difference in their game performance.Your team will will perform better throughout the season, and every player will have a better experience. So will you!

Do you want to make sure that you are helping your players improve and that they learn to love the game more?

We know that you love working with the kids. And you love coaching them. But you need real tangibles. Not fragmented stuff that is mostly a bunch of time killing practice drills. Real programming that will keep your kids challenged, learning, and improving at the game!

SDC was designed to help youth basketball travel coaches get the most out of their practice time, improve each player on your team. With specific teaching points. Techniques. Repetitions. Clarity on progressions. Fun skill assessments. Clear guidelines to help you and your team have a more productive, and fun season where you can see the improvements week to week for your players.

Do you want to have everything you need in one place so that you can easily pull up a workout or a practice that has all of the elements of what you need for your kids?   

With access to the technical programming, all of your practices will be excellent. Players will improve their skill performance throughout the season and learn the essential skills of the game. SDC brings everything together for you.  Tryout SDC for a few weeks and you will be amazed at how the kids grow and develop in a very short amount of time. They just need to to know what to do and how to do it. They need the specific number of reps to shoot for. The clear understanding of how to learn the skill sets and how to use them in games. You will see the improvements and the progress. That we can guarantee for sure!

Start out with week 1 team practices for your players’ age group. Then you can even assign the complementary skill work to them and their parents so that everyone is on the same page. 

SDC helps players improve their confidence, control, rhythm and speed with the basketball. But it also helps coaches have the right practice drills, techniques, and progressions to teach your players -- so they are always stimulated and motivated throughout practices and on their own time.

Want to have your best season ever this year?

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