Creating space to get your shot


After you shot fake and holster the ball to your inside pivot, make sure that crossover step and step back and away (not back to where you came from).  Make sure that...

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basketball moves to avoid getting blocked


This is a great skill to help you from getting blocked. It’s not a skill that comes easy to a lot of players, but learning new basketball moves to avoid getting blocked...

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Why most players miss the baseline reverse

Why most players miss the baseline reverse. 

Reverses are really important. You have to be able to make them. There are really 3 things that players do wrong that...

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Beat the rotating defender with double moves


If you want to be a bigger threat to the defense, you have to be able to beat the rotating defender after you first beat the perimeter defender. 

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How to become a playmaker

Basketball is the most beautiful game. Athleticism, skill, and decision making are just a few of the many attributes to the game that make it so alluring. Another aspect of the game of basketball...

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So you want to learn new basketball moves

So you want to learn new basketball moves?  The great thing about what SKILL DEVELOPMENT COACH helps you with is that it doesn't just have a few moves. 

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The behind the back dribble move


Here is the most awesome thing about the behind the back dribble move!

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How to dribble between the legs


There are FOUR major ways of changing direction with the basketball...

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How do you use the spin move?


Spin moves are the best moves to change of direction when beating the rotating defender on the baseline OR when splitting the defenders in the paint.

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How to become an inside pivot player


Most players don’t even know what “INSIDE PIVOT” means.  You will know what it means. And how to use it! Because an inside pivot player is the only way to be!

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